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Welcome to the Home Festival, a vibrant celebration of community and creativity spanning across the campuses of the Warwick Schools Foundation. 'HOME', this year’s theme, offers so much inspiration. As much of the Foundation shares one home it felt appropriate to unite the schools and yet celebrate all that is unique about each individual school. We want our home to be celebrated for all it offers, of course, but extend the welcome to our community here in the towns of Warwick and Leamington Spa. With contributions from many of our alumnae, we get to see how international and global the Warwick Schools Foundation community has truly become. Explore our program below!

The final Saturday of the Warwick Schools Foundation Summer Festival always culminates in a splendid array of creative activity for the whole family and this year is no different. With students, community and professionals alike representing theatre, music, circus, dance, spoken word, and fine art there truly is something for everyone. Use this as an opportunity to explore the our beautiful campuses and discover creativity in places you may never have been before. If you hear music wafting along on the breeze, who knows, it may even be coming from the rooftops. We encourage you all to get along to as many performances as you can, enjoy glass of something fizzy, secure a deckchair, and – most importantly – make yourselves at HOME!

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