Art Workshops


Throughout the week the Art department will be hosting a range of activities aimed at members of the school community, parents, visitors, OW’s and members of the public. The sessions will revolve around the theme of ‘Discovery’ and will relate to our department focus of the Boat and Water.

There are three different ‘Discovery’ evening sessions to experience across three days – space is limited though so do book quickly!

Life Class

The first session on offer is a traditional Life Class session where we will observe the human form in a range of poses and with a range of materials. Working from Life is hard yet rewarding and tuition will accommodate newcomers and experienced artists alike. The session is led with tuition from James Ramsay and poses by Model Arthur Lowe. The sessions take place in the Art Department’s upstairs Painting Studio.

The class takes place between 7pm and 9pm on Tuesday 3rd July and Thursday 5th July. Class size 12.

Ceramics and Clay

The second session focuses on the use of ceramics and clay. Participants will be led through different sculpting techniques using this ancient and versatile material and will make ‘slab’ vessels based on the shape of the Art department boat with tuition from David Snatt. Sculpted outcomes will be fired after the session – delivery or collection can be arranged for the following week.

The sessions take place in the Art department’s Ceramics Studio from 7pm and 9pm on Wednesday 4th July and Thursday 5th July. Class size 12.

Re-discovering Photography

The third session revolves around re-discovering old photographic, direct-developing techniques and the use of the dark room with tuition from Alice Andrews. This will include the making of ‘photograms’ and ‘cyanotype’ images on a range of surfaces.

The sessions take place in the Art department’s Dark room and downstairs Painting studio from 7pm and 9pm on Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July. Class size 6.

There is a small charge to cover the cost of tuition and materials of £10 per person per class – (If you would like to attend all three sessions in a row the cost is reduced to £24 in total).



Tue 3rd - Thu 5th July,
Art Department
£10 per session, or £24 for all 3

The Discovery Festival