Little Shop of Horrors – Spa Juniors


Spa Theatre Juniors present:

Little Shop of Horrors

Show dates and times:

7.30pm – Thursday 24 May

7.30pm – Friday 25 May

2.30pm and 7.30pm – Saturday 26 May

Ticket prices:

Full Price – £12

Concessions – £8

Seymour is a nerdy orphan who is taken in and given a job by Mr Mushnik, the owner of a run-down florist in the seedy part of town.  Poor Seymour develops a crush on fellow co-worker Audrey, and is berated by Mr Mushnik daily.

Desperate to try and turn the failing shop around in order to impress Audrey, Seymour seeks out some new plants to entice customers into the shop.  One day, just after an unusual eclipse of the Sun, Seymour discovers a very mysterious, unidentified plant which he buys and names Audrey II.

While caring for Audrey II, Seymour discovers the plant’s rather unique appetite.  The foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore promises unending fame and fortune to the down and out Seymour on condition that he continues to feed it’s craving for blood.  Soon enough, Seymour serves up Audrey’s sadistic dentist boyfriend to the plant and later, Mr Mushnik after he witnesses the gruesome death of Audrey’s ex.

As the plant’s appetite grows, will Audrey II take over the world or will Seymour and Audrey defeat it?