Motionhouse: ‘Underground’


Leamington Spa based Motionhouse create and tour a wide range of inspiring and powerful dance-circus productions in the UK and across the globe. Their distinctive, highly physical style integrates elements of circus and acrobatics with breath- taking dance to surprise and delight audiences.

Performed by four dancers in a rocking tubular structure, Underground uses stunningly physical dance, poignant imagery and surprising aerial encounters, exploring the intimacy of a crowded carriage, the crush of personal space, the studied ignoring of our fellow humans and the fear of a dangerous stranger. Travellers are thrown together in an unlikely alliance as graffiti artists paint their love in motion. Suspended at odd angles and riding the rhythm of the train, four characters are constantly drawn together then torn apart.





Sat 7th July at 2pm & 5pm Bridge House Theatre Piazza


The Discovery Festival