Unman, Wittering and Zigo


Warwick School Drama Workshop presents Unman, Wittering and Zigo

A new teacher, hoping to make a good impression in his first job, finds that bullying and gambling among his pupils are the least of his worries.

Caught in the middle of his new wife’s restlessness, his fellow teachers’ apathy and the headmaster’s blatant cover-up, John Ebony becomes the unlikely detective.

Whilst this classic play written for Radio in 1958 was adapted for TV in 1965, it continues to present uncomfortable questions about the necessity of authority and the need to act morally.

Questions which are as vital today, as they have ever been.


This production has been co-directed by students and staff, and developed from our Thursday afternoon workshop group.

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£7 Adults
£4 Concessions


Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September at 7:00pm


Bridge House Theatre

School Production