The Hampstead Murder Mystery

After the huge success of The Curse of Cranholme Abbey in 2017 we are delighted to be producing another Tim Norton classic as our Middle School production this year (for years 9 and 10)

When High Court Judge Sir Horace Fewbanks is found dead in his Hampstead home, Detective Inspector Chippenfield from New Scotland Yard and his rooky assistant Detective Sergeant Rolfe are on the case.

But will the suave private detective Montague Crewe beat the Scotland Yard detectives in solving the case?

But whodunit? Is it the ex-con with a secret? Or perhaps the exotic femme fatale who bears a grudge? Then there is the smooth gentleman cracksman, the spurned mistress or the grimy urchin and let’s not forget the butler. Could it really be the butler after all?

Parodying Agatha Christie and other Golden Age crime stories you’ll enjoy spotting all the tricks of the trade: The plodding policeman and the arch detective, the mysterious lady and the giggling maids, the strangulated accents and the sudden appearance of ¬convenient clues. Every cliché of the genre is ruthlessly exploited in this fast-moving show with large ensemble cast.


£7 Adult
£5 Child
£5 Senior
£5 Wheelchair – carer (if required) goes free

Event Details

Wed 6th Mar, 2019
Bridge House Theatre
Thu 7th Mar, 2019
Bridge House Theatre
Fri 8th Mar, 2019
Bridge House Theatre
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