King’s High School presents Macbeth

Showing at: Bridge House Theatre Drama

Full of Scorpions is my mind!

Fresh from battle with blood already on his hands, Macbeth finds himself face to face with the weird sisters who proclaim him “King that shalt be”. This metaphysical encounter sets in motion a dark and murderous chain of events – but who is to blame?

King’s High School are proud to present their grisly, gothic Macbeth. Let our fiercely talented cast and crew assault your senses and awaken fresh perspective on this age-old tale of ambition and hubris!

Expect blood curdling deeds, frantic fights and plenty of late 80s, early 90s goth classics in this fast paced, refreshing ensemble production.


£8 Adult

£5 Concessions

Event Details

Thu 18th Jun, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
Fri 19th Jun, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
Sat 20th Jun, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
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