The Deep Freeze Option

Showing at: BHT Drama

The Deep Freeze Option is a new theatre piece devised by the 2020-ensemble and Joachim Matschoss with music by Ross Brooks.


The Deep Freeze Option is set in the future in a country not unlike our own. Four characters are trapped in a theatre or maybe they are beings of artificial intelligence. The theatre piece explores today’s world in a satirical way using the world of theatre as its medium to take the audience on a wild ride.


It is presented by BYTE (BackYardTheatreEnsemble), an independent company that produces theatre dedicated to devised issue-based work nationally and internationally for many years.


The Deep Freeze Option will be shown on a bare stage with an ensemble of four actors/singers. This is a piece of theatre that includes original songs and puppetry. It is part comic, moving and thought-provoking.


The Deep Freeze Option will premiere in Melbourne/Australia, before touring in late February and March 2020 to Thailand, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands.


Joachim Matschoss is a poet and playwright from Melbourne/Australia. He has collaborated with Melbourne based composer Ross Brooks on many projects.

Event Details

Wed 26th Feb, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
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