Where the hell is Bernard?

Showing at: BHT Plays/Drama

In a world where no one plays, no one questions and no one ever leaves, four women work in an office high above the city to anonymously return lost items. Under the strict regime of the Vine where productivity is encouraged, reproduction is monitored and citizens have lost their ability to interact with each other everything runs like clockwork – until one day a box of returned objects mysteriously bounces back, undeliverable to its owner…

As the women embark on a mission that takes them out of the city and out of their comfort zones, they unwittingly find themselves with the future of humanity in their hands.


Mixing magical visuals, movement, live song and clown, award winning Haste Theatre create a darkly comic warning for the future, supported with public funding from Arts Council England.

Brave, bizarre, magical
A Young Theatre
It represents a voice that needs to be heard. Simply stunning


£10.00 Adult
£8.00 Child
£8.00 Senior
£8.00 Wheelchair – carer (if required) goes free

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Wed 30th Jan, 2019
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