Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Showing at: Bridge House Theatre Musical Theatre Junior School Production

The ancient city of Old Baghdad is in chaos. Whilst the bustling bazaar is overrun with ruthless robbers, up in the palace Sultan Pepper’s precious princess and Royal Ruby have vanished! To make matters worse, it seems the poor Sultan cannot trust his own Vizier, Mustapha Widdle, nor his michevous monkey Booboo. So when Ali Baba discovers the hidden Cave Of Wonders, secret hideout of Balthazar Bongo and his bumbling bandits, it’s down to him to save the day!


£3 Adult
£2 Senior
£2 Student
£1.50 Child
£1.50 Registered Disabled – Carer (if required) goes free

Event Details

Thu 12th Mar, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
Fri 13th Mar, 2020
Bridge House Theatre
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