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A new adaptation by Adrian Jarvis written specially for this production

In a time of pandemic, one man - who might be any man or
every man - confronts his own mortality and is forced to ask himself whether he
has lived a good life. Led first by a nurse - perhaps the incarnation of Death
- he is taken back through key moments in his life in which moral decisions had
to be made. Has he been a good friend to the person who has always been closest
to him? Did he treat his family well in the matter of an inheritance? Does he
run his professional life ethically? Finding himself wanting on all counts, he
escapes his carers and heads out to be among people he has scarcely known
existed. Under their guidance, he begins to find a way back, experiencing life
in the shoes of those less fortunate than himself and going into his own deep
past to a moment in which his true lack of empathy was all too evident. Offered
the chance for salvation by doing something good, he makes his final exit
having found some consolation, if not complete absolution. ‘Everyman’ is a
gripping morality tale that, as its title suggests, has something to say to everyone:
we all have regrets, actions of which we are ashamed and opportunities to make
amends. This version of the classic play updates the action with songs,
multi-media effects and even the occasional robot!

Event Details

  • Wed 10 Nov 2021, 7.00pm
  • Thu 11 Nov 2021, 7.00pm
  • Fri 12 Nov 2021, 7.00pm

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