Seating Plans

Bridge House Theatre

Please Note: Seats in Zone C (Blue) are restricted view, and are unavailable for most performances.

Accessible Seating: Seats J1-2, J19-20, M9-10 and M19-20 can be removed in banks of two to create space for a wheelchair, with the adjacent seats being kept free for companions. Please discuss your accessible seating needs with Box Office when booking. Seats on Row J are on the same level as the entrance doors to the auditorium with additional legroom and are most suitable for customers with mobility issues.

Warwick Hall

Please Note: Rows G - L are unavailable for events using the half-tier seating. Contact Box Office for more information.

Accessible Seating: Row A is kept off sale for all events in the Warwick Hall to provide accessible seating for those in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. Please discuss accessible seating requirements with Box Office when booking your tickets.

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