Bridge House Theatre launch 'Over 60s Creative'

Tue 9th Apr, 2024

Mission Statement

Mon 26th Feb, 2024

Three-Day Play: Woyzeck

Tue 30th Jan, 2024

Summer workshops 2023

Fri 16th Jun, 2023

The BHYC Team

Tue 18th Apr, 2023

Much Ado About Nothing

Mon 3rd Apr, 2023

Three-day play

Mon 23rd Jan, 2023

A partnership with Orchestra of the Swan

Mon 13th Dec, 2021

The Bubble Sessions

Fri 27th Nov, 2020

Meet the Cast!

Thu 31st Oct, 2019

Interview with Geoff Norcott

Wed 11th Sep, 2019

Parking at the Bridge House Theatre

Fri 26th Apr, 2019

More incidents of modern slavery are being reported in the UK, but it doesn’t happen locally... does it?

Fri 25th Jan, 2019

Pre-Show Festive Fayre

Wed 5th Dec, 2018

Warwickshire to Revolt with Robin in "Robin Hood and The Revolting Peasants!"

Fri 16th Nov, 2018

Youth Theatre becomes Bridge House Young Company

Fri 21st Sep, 2018

Fun and thought-provoking theatre comes to Bridge House in Warwick

Fri 31st Aug, 2018

Creating the Kraken

Thu 9th Aug, 2018

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