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"Innocence: There is a Mark on You"

Kat Mary Productions presents a bold re-imagining of Büchner's harrowing and fragmented tale, set against the backdrop of World War I. Woyzeck vividly portrays a lowly soldier tormented by apocalyptic visions and driven to homicidal madness by the world around him. The agonizing effects of war trauma and the profound despair of the oppressed resonate powerfully even 200 years after the play was first written. This adaptation alternates between time periods, delving into Woyzeck's desperate struggle to survive both in and out of the trenches.

This unique production is specifically designed for schools and showcases the techniques of key practitioners Brecht, Berkoff, and Artaud, with an added twist. Woyzeck offers an immersive and interactive experience: students participate in a 2-hour workshop on the day of the show, exploring practical styles and techniques before actively engaging at key moments during the performance. What did Woyzeck's nightmarish visions look like? What did the voices in his head sound like? How does it feel when a room is filled with Marie's screams? With the help of talented drama students, we will find out.

The company arrives with a show that is 80% complete, allowing the remaining 20% to be shaped by students as they collaborate with the actors to create a dynamic piece of theatre. Schools that book a ticket will receive a complimentary 30-page teacher's pack, detailing how the practitioner's styles were integrated into this adaptation.

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  • Thu 10 Oct 2024, 7.30pm

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  • General admission

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